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Before entering into the healthcare industry, Taylor originally had a particular interest in Film and Television. While working at Medicine in Film as the Prop Room manager, Taylor completed the IATSE ‘Camera Assistant’ course at Sheridan College. 


However, his next move would would lead him to work in the Medical Engineering Department at two of Toronto’s top tertiary care hospitals. Taylor spent two years at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and seven years at The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) as a Surgical Specialist. 


One of the additional duties Taylor took on at Sick Kids was the unofficial title of ‘Simulation Engineer’ for the Department of Anaesthesia. This is where he developed the unique skill of creating in situ realistic clinical training for student Residents to practice their clinical duties with various simulate scenarios such as vital sign monitor flat line. 


Now, with a combination of Film Production and Medical Engineering experience, Taylor can offer your production the most realistic hospital scenes available! 

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